Schetter: Stop Adopting Olympic Model

BY Andrew Miesner / January 5, 2011

Chris Schetter’s latest column argues why professional gaming leagues should stop adopting the Olympic model. It’s the same model that we’ve all gotten used to after major event organizers such as the World Cyber Games, ESWC, the CPL and more have implemented it into their brands.


While Olympic model competitions within gaming have served to get the ball rolling to this point, the scene at this point is full of entities competing with each other to establish themselves as the ‘Olympics of e-sports’ while there’s a dearth of activity along an axis that actually looks and operates like professional sports. What we’re left with is a disjointed scene where gamers can’t make ends meet and are far too susceptible to abuse from the large Olympic-style entities, and the gamers end up subsidizing the revenues and profits of these entities by footing the bill for everything necessary to participate in such systems, such as travel and accomodations, with no assurances that they’ll ever break even.


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