SCReddit Open XXVI: The Grand Finale

BY Andrew Miesner / March 24, 2011

Yesterday the good folks over at SCReddit announced that this week’s edition of the SCReddit Open (#26) will be the last. While this is sad news for the community, it’s not all bad.

The official post reads:

What’s going on?

As the SCReddit team takes on more and more responsibilities within the eSports scene, we’ve found it necessary to put an end to our role in the management of the SCRO and KotH series. We’re ecstatic that these events have enjoyed the success that they did for as long as they have, and we’re putting everything that we have into making this final SCRO as amazing as it can be. I’ll get into the details very soon, but first, I want to address a few concerns that a number of people have expressed to me, both in public and in private:

Are you quitting the eSports scene?

No! 100% no. In fact, the opposite is happening, and you’ll be seeing the people behind the SCReddit events taking up massively influential roles in the weeks and months to come, and though we can’t announce anything concrete just yet, we’ll be sure to drop as many hints as we can, starting this Saturday during the SCRO broadcast.”


To read the full post, click here.

It sounds like the SCReddit team is making some major moves in the eSports world. Hopefully they will be opening another avenue in eSports to both professional gamers and amateurs alike.

Be sure to tune into the final SCReddit Open, which kicks off on this Saturday, the 26th at 3:00 PM EST.