SCReddit’s Team Unveils

BY Andrew Miesner / April 5, 2011

A few days ago I made a post about how the team behind Reddit’s SCReddit tournaments was moving on to bigger and better things. Last night that team finally announced what they’ve been up to. Working under the new name of “WellPlayed,” the former SCReddit crew has designed a new website with the mission statement of “To be the world’s most foremost producers of eSports coverage and events, and through our passion expand the presence of eSports into every household in the world.”


With that said, as friendly and welcoming as the StarCraft community is, for an outsider it can be quite daunting to get into. There are many, many great casters and tournaments that do not get noticed – not because their content isn’t as good, but because the discovery process is undeveloped. This worked fine when the community was small and more streamlined, as during the Brood War days. Now with hundreds (and soon thousands) of tournaments, showmatches, episodic content, live streams, podcasts and more, the barrier to entry for a new fan has to be non-existent. Right now there is a wall that you have to bust through. We’re here to put up a welcome mat.

In the future, there is no question that we will be partnering with other organizations to bring you great tournaments, leagues, and showmatches, and we will also be doing the same independently, just as we did with the SCRI. But before we did that, we wanted to put our talent and skills into helping grow this community, for the benefit of everyone. The goal of WellPlayed is not to take traffic from one place or another – it is to build a giant bridge to the island of passion and excitement we all live on so a lot more people can come join us.


Basically combining with, eSports fans are able to find news, strategies, live streams, etc. all in one place and have the power to “up vote” or “down vote” each post so that only the best information is at the top.

Along with the announcement of the site launching, it was also noted that WellPlayed will be providing the coverage for the newly announced IGN Pro League.