Season One Qualifiers Announced!

BY Andrew Miesner / May 25, 2011

The League of Lengends Season One Qualifiers have been officially announced! This weekend, the top 8 teams from both North America and Europe will be battling it out to see who deserves a spot at the becoming the Season One Champions and winning $100,000. coL.LoL will be competing in this event.


There will be two full tournaments hosted this weekend – One for the North American Teams and one for the European teams. The top three teams from each bracket will be able to advance and compete at Dreamhack 2011 for the title of Season One Champions. The bracket is double elimination format.

The action all starts this weekend (May 28-29, 2011) at 5AM EST for European matches, and 2PM EST for North American matches. compLexity’s first match will be against Defy All Odds at 2PM EST.

For more information, check out the official Season One Qualifier Page.