SF4 Bar Fights in SoCal

BY Andrew Miesner / March 28, 2009

Street Fighter 4 is quickly taking over the fighting scene and Southern California is (predictably) a hotspot for top talent.  On April 5th, 2009, Pasadena is playing host to one of the hottest events to date: Street Fighter 4: Bar Fights.

The Main Event Includes:

Ed Ma (Ken) vs. Combofiend (Balrog)
somuchdamage (Sagat) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
gootecks (Balrog) vs. Kai (El Fuerte)
Ken I (Rufus) vs. Bobino (Rufus)
Sanchez (M. Bison) vs. Bebop (Vega)
Dae (Chun Li) & BustaBust (Abel) vs. Keno (Balrog) & ???

There will also be a $500 “beat a pro” contest.  For more information, check out this video from Gootecks.com:



We may have someone on site for full coverage of the event, so keep it locked to compLexityGaming.com all year for SF4 updates, coverage and more!


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Source: Gootecks.com