SF4 Producer Interviewed

BY Andrew Miesner / February 11, 2009

A recent interview conducted with Producer of Street Fighter 4, Yoshinori Ono about the highly anticipated Street Fighter game. The interview touches base on some of the more popular subjects and questions that fans and gamers alike are looking to have answers to. The online ranking system, gameplay choice, backstories of characters and the introduction of new characters.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

When you set out to make the next generation version of the Street Fighter franchise, what were your most immediate challenges?

Yoshinori: Deciding exactly whose vision for Street Fighter IV was the best! As you can imagine, Street Fighter is dear to all of our hearts and there is a lot of artistic talent in Capcom, so naturally everyone had their own concept for what Street Fighter IV should be.

Can you give a brief description of the new characters?

Yoshinori: Sure thing. C. Viper is a tough and beautiful agent whose true identity is shrouded in mystery. Rufus is a motorcycle repair shop grease monkey. He uses his own unique style of kung fu and has proclaimed himself America’s greatest fighter. He is quite grotesque to look at! El Fuerte is a unique fighter in that he stands with one foot in the world of lucha libre wrestling and the other firmly anchored in the realm of gourmet cooking. And finally, Abel is a young amnesiac desperately chasing down the remnants of Shadaloo, searching for any clues that could possibly help him find his family and recover his memories.

You can get the full interview: HERE