SF4 Reviews Galore!

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2009

One of the most exciting things happening in gaming right now is the arrival of Street Fighter 4.  Twenty-two years after the first installment of the game, fighting fans worldwide are scrambling to get their hands on it.

Kotaku has assembled reviews from some of the top gaming sites to provide a “frankenreview” for its readers.  Below are some snippets, but the overall conclusion is simple: SF4 rocks the house.

What’s here is a wonderful mix of old and new. Street Fighter IV’s 25-person roster includes series mainstays Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken and Blanka, as well as newcomers El Fuerte, Crimson Viper and the overweight Rufus. No matter whom you choose, the combat is immediately accessible and addictive. Veterans will perform trademark moves with ease, while gamers that abandoned Street Fighter years ago will find that Street Fighter IV fits like a comfy pair of slippers; if you dominated fools as Ryu in the ’90s, he’ll feel instantly familiar. Meanwhile, newcomers can execute devastating attacks, either by mashing buttons or learning the nuances of combat in the Training mode.  – GameDaily

When played with a top fighting stick, Street Fighter IV is a game that delivers on all of it’s promises. It returns the franchise to the days of glory, bringing with it’s change in tactics an intense new look that highlights the best of the fighting franchises. Can you play it with a standard controller? Sure, it handles as well as any fighter does with a controller, but personally I can’t play Street Fighter that way.   -Kotaku


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