Six Maps in Six Weeks

BY Andrew Miesner / May 16, 2009

ID Software has announced they will be releasing Six new maps for QuakeLive in Six weeks. ID Software has also released a sneek peek of one of the new maps to give you alittle taste of what’s to come.

This campaign entitled “6 new maps in 6 weeks” will be giving Quake Live users more choice in their games and will also perhaps, enhance the posibilities of Quake Live tournaments. The six maps will consist of a mix of classic and new maps.

A sneak peak of the first released map, Hidden Fortress, can be found HERE. Hidden Fortress was originally made for the Dreamcast version of Quake 3 by Martin Kaai Cluney for team based modes and FFA. This arena will now, however, be available for Quake Live.


Source: SK Gaming