SjoW in ESL Legendary Series

BY Andrew Miesner / January 3, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

After the long celebrations for Christmas and New Year the Inn of Hearthstone is back to invite the best players to the warm place at the fireside. ESL Legendary Series is the first one to host a tournament in 2015, extending the season of celebration for one of eight contestants. One of them is compLexity Gaming’s own SjoW, who earned his spot back on the program with a second place in the previous iteration of the cup. Only fellow Swedish countryman Darkwonyx stood between him and the direct ticket to the LAN Finals in Burbank, California – so now he is poised for the shot at redemption. Direct revenge can not occur though, since Wonyx punched his ticket already and so doesn’t need to compete for points anymore. So the three returning players from three continents are going to face three invited stars and two who fought their way through the Challenger cup for their moment to shine.

SjoW, TempoStorm’s newest member Magicamy and Zalae will have tough tasks at hand, if they want to make it to the Grand Finals and get the coveted direct spot for the Finals event. With Hyped two members of TempoStorm are set to compete, joining Root’s XiXo and TSM’s Trump as an invited player. Coming from the open bracket are FlyBird and Goobysenchou.

Once more the winner of this Week 6 showdown will get a secured spot in the Burbank Inn. The other three players to reach the Semifinals will get a chance to compete in Week 7 once more – a shot to make history. So far no one has made it to three appearances in the ESL Legendary Series.

Whatever happens, make sure to tune in to esltv_hearthstone to see the Week 6 action unfold as Gul’Dan, Garrosh and Co. take the table guided by eigth of the best cardslingers in the game.

The matches begin at 1PM EST!