SK Add Jimpo, Inuh

BY Andrew Miesner / January 9, 2011

Today, via their website, SK-Gaming has announced the acquisition of both Jimmy “jimpo” Wölfinger and Hun “inuh” Park to their StarCraft 2 roster. Inuh, from Germany, comes to SK from Tera Gaming, a German based organization, while Wölfinger has been making a name for himself in various tournaments.

Both players were interviewed by SK-Gaming:


SK Gaming: As a member of the SK.SC2 squad, you are joining forces with the Swedes MaDFroG and jimpo. How do you feel about your teammates’ composition, having a Terran and a Zerg to practice with? And most importantly, how do you think you can benefit one another?

Inuh: First of all, it’s I’m honored to get together in a team with a former Warcraft III Pro and one of the favorite terrans I know. At first blush, it may seems like a very weird composition of players, but I think we are all very talented and strong players with a lot of potential. I absolutely think we all can benefit from each other. Especially with jimpo, I can exchange strategies and talk about some builds, because he is the same race as me. In addition, I also know jimpo from a few custom games when I was preparing for my EPS match against Cloud. Jimpo is a very nice and mannered guy! I cant wait to play (more) games with my teammates!

SK Gaming: Now that you will be playing for SK Gaming, bearing the respectable tag and representing a whole front in eSports, how do you see yourself evolving as a player?

Jimpo: People have heard of me before, but I want to make them fear me; they should be afraid of me in all tournaments. Online or offline, I want to show them that I’m a player that is strong and always a threat to them. Being in SK gives a lot as a player, with a good organization and team members, I can focus 110% on my game to grow stronger to represent SK.


This brings the SK SC2 roster to:

DE Hun ‘inuh’ Park
SE Jimmy ‘jimpo’ Wölfinger
SE Fredrik ‘MaDFroG’ Johansson

More information about the transactions can be found by clicking here.