SK Adds Asian and American WoW Divisions

BY Andrew Miesner / January 28, 2009

Today, European Powerhouse SK Gaming has added two new PvP divisions to its World of Warcraft Roster.  The first of the two new divisions ia the Asian Squad Council of Mages.  This is the first time in gaming history that a Western team has acquired an Asian division to fill its own shoes.  The American division has been created from three players with no previous time together.  One member is of the former WoW team, another of Pandemic and eMazing Gaming, and the final player was the winner of the Extreme Masters Philadelphia tournament.

 Vance “Serennia” Phuoc had this to say about his new WoW team’s future:

We feel very confident that we can truly make a name for the SK-US squad and bring home tournament wins in 2009.

American SK.WoW Roster:
Vance ‘Serennia’ Phuoc
Ryan ‘Realz’ Masterson
David ‘Sck’ Quick

Asian SK.WoW Roster:
Kwang Rock ‘Kwana’ Park
Eun ‘Jaywalker’ Chan
Hyuk Joon ‘Hyoga’ Jang

Source: SK Gaming