SK Denies Na`Vi Rumors

BY Andrew Miesner / October 21, 2010

Earlier today, reported that there was a rumor that SK-Gaming was looking to sign Natus Vincere, considered by many to be the world’s best team at this time. With SK having roster issues as of late, the aquisition of Na`Vi would mean stability and performence.

SK, however, denied those rumors today in a blog on the SK site by Alexander T. ‘TheSlaSH’ Müller-Rodic. In his short blog, he states the following:

Let’s make this quick and short.

HLTV has posted an article that indicates SK is to sign Na’Vi to play under their ranks in 2011.

All I can say is that this will not happen.

And to avoid unnecessary comments, Robban’s health condition right now is serious. Please respect that we will not comment on this topic any further than this information. We hope to have him back and healthy within our team soon.


With this blog, it is safe to stay that Na`Vi will remain under the sponsorship of Kazakh millionaire Murat “Arbalet” Zhumashevich and SK will continue to develop their current roster. Click here to see the rumor and here to see the blog on SK.