SK Gaming acquires NaDa and MC in oGs deal

BY Andrew Miesner / July 15, 2011

SK Gaming has recently struck a deal with oGs to have NaDa and MC represent them in foreign events. SK Gaming recently dismissed its current SC2 roster, and it seemingly was to make room for these new players. SK will surely hope to leave a bigger impact on the tournament scene now with two extremely succesful and consistent players on its roster.

Today the players MC and NaDa are joining the partnership with SK Gaming and we are really happy for them and thankful to SK for this big opportunity. I will do all the best I can to ensure that both players are bringing good results for the partnership of SK Gaming and oGs.


Alexander “TheSlaSH” Mueller, Managing director of SK Gaming, explained:


Adding those two names to the SK roster and entering this partnership with oGs is one of the most exciting steps SK has taken in the past few years. Ever since we signed Korean players for our RTS section, it has been a blast. We are more than happy to present those two to our community and we are hungry for StarCraft II titles!


Min-Sik “reis” Ko, player manager of SK Gaming, added:


I am very happy to welcome those two big names in SC:BW and SC2 history to SK Gaming. I know both privately and I know that both are really nice guys and very ambitious. It’s an honor for me to work with both from now on and thanks to oGs for the cooperation.