SK Gaming Adds Halo 3

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009

SK Gaming, the organization infamous for having more gaming divisions than any other organization could ever imagine, has added a Halo 3 division.  The newly added team played together under the name Project X and enjoyed incredible success winning numerous European Halo 3 tournaments.  Ironically, three of the four players are Swedish with the oultier being Norwegian.  SK’s new Halo 3 squad is already signed up for i36 in April and plans on attending more events throughout the year.

SK.H3 Roster

  • Rasmus Andersson ‘FragTaLe’ Roberg
  • Daniel ‘ZicKneX’ Rosenberg
  • Marcus ‘MaZzAcRe’ Broström
  • Christoffer ‘Lion’ Gulbrandsen

Source: SK Gaming