SK Gaming on MaDFroG Departure

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2011

Earlier today, ESFI World talked with SK Gaming’s managing director Alexander Muller about the recent news regarding former WarCraft 3 star and current StarCraft 2 player Fredrik “MaDFroG” Johansson’s departure from the team. In the original announcement released by SK Gaming, not many details were given regarding the circumstances behind the team’s decision not to renew MaDFroG’s contract. Muller pinned down most of the issue to SK Gaming simply not wanting to pay Johansson’s asking price.


“Fredrik needs more budget than we are willing to pay for one StarCraft 2 player at the moment,” explained Muller. “He is a great guy and player and we had a good time to check where he and SK are in terms of StarCraft 2.” He continues, “But for him to do what he wants, probably moving to Korea and all, we would have to invest way more than what we think [an organization] should in StarCraft 2 these days.”


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