SK Gaming US Formed

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2011

Today, SK announced the formation of SK Gaming US. The team is composed of a number of former Turmoil players, and will be coached by Ediz ‘goodfornothing’ Basol. The team will be competing in the next ESEA-o season. Along with the announcement, team member Alice ‘ali’ Lew answered a couple of interview questions to get to know a little bit about the background of the team.


What are the short term and long term goals of the team? Which competitions will you play and which LANs can you be expected to attend in the future?

Obviously our goal is to be one of the best in the world. This is a star-studded lineup with years of experience, so I find that with practice and time, we will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Our short term goal would to be the #1 team in America. Our long term goal would to be the best team in the world. There was no way for us to start in ESEA-i.. so we are starting off the year in ESEA-o next week and hope to be playing in the invite division by next season. You’ll definitely be able to see us in tourneys around the states and whatever tourneys we get invited to outside the country.

The lineup contains a number of previously top tier North American names who have at one point or another decided to step away from active play at the top. What lead to the formation of this lineup?

Although many of these players stepped down from competitive play at one point, we always stuck together and played for fun through pugs and scrims. It also helped to be friends outside of the game as well, so it really was a given for me to pick who was best fit for the team. After talking as a team, we knew we shared similar goals, and with the support of SK, we knew we would have a chance to achieve them.


SK Gaming US 2011

US  Ben ‘ben’ Hui
US  Joe ‘perez’ Perez
US  Alice ‘ali’ Lew
US  Tyler ‘willsoNirL’ Wilson
US  Ryan ‘Ninespot’ Bell
US  Derrick ‘impulsive’ Truong (backup)
US  Ediz ‘goodfornothing’ Basol (coach)


More information about this transaction can be found by clicking here.