SK Sweden adds zneel

BY Andrew Miesner / August 12, 2009

Recently it was announced that Tentpole would be parting ways with SK Gaming. To fill the fifth spot in their roster, SK added Jim “zneel” Anderson from Begrip. He has impressed the four SK players with various performances around Sweden and was deemed “the best man for the job.”

zneel will be making his debut this weekend during the WCG Sweden National Qualifier at DreamHack. Below are statements from Captain Dennis “walle” Wallenberg, along with zneel himself.

In coming up with a replacement for Kristoffer, a few names popped into our head and all of us agreed that zneel probably would be the best choice for us. We had seen him on different tournaments where had impressed us in the past, so we decided to test him. It is big shoes to fill, but we have a good feeling about this and can’t wait to play officially again. – Dennis “walle” Wallenberg, Captain of SK Sweden

Basically, it feels like a dream. Ever since I started playing this game I’ve always had in mind playing in one of the top teams in this world, and I could not be more satisfied than playing for SK. I’m truly honoured. – Jim “zneel” Anderson, Player of SK Sweden 

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Dennis “walle” Wallenberg
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Jim “zneel” Anderson

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