SK.WoW Korea with changes

BY Andrew Miesner / January 22, 2010

SK-Gaming announced today their new Korean team, Cohex. The new team, which runs a warrior/prot paladin/druid lineup, will most likely be competing in the upcoming Asian Intel Extreme Masters qualifier.

SK’s three other World of Warcraft teams have already qualified for the global finals in March. If SK.Korea wants to join the other SK squads at the finals they will need to finish top three at the Asian IEM qualifier. Recently they were able to beat Button Bashers 3-2 to win the third season of the Named League and finished second the season before.

SK.Korea 2010:

JiWhan ‘Chominso’ Jung
WooSik ‘Hwanggom’ Jeong
SeokHoon ‘Scommando’ Kang

Source: SK-Gaming