SK, x6tence and more to Blizzcon

BY Andrew Miesner / June 28, 2009

The US and EU Regional’s have come to an end, after a very exciting tournament in both WC3 and WoW, the winners in their prospective games  will be moving onto the Global Finals.

In the EU WC3 regional the top 3 players advance. Pedro ‘LucifroN’ Moreno Durán knocked Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen out of the upper bracket. At this point, Grubby had already qualified for Blizzcon. In the lower bracket finals he had to face Nikita ‘Nicker’ Pomadov, whom he was able to beat 2-0. Grubby would need to beat Lucifron in two bo3’s to win the $5,000. In the first bo3, Grubby was able to win 2-1. 

Starting the 2nd bo3, Grubby won Game one on Turtle Rock, just like he did in the first bo3. Lucifron did not give up, he was able to win game 2 and push it to the final game. In game 3 lucifron shut the door and won the EU Regional’s. He is the only player to win two international events this year.

1. Pedro ‘LucifroN’ Moreno Durán $5,000
Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen  $2,000
Nikita ‘Nicker’ Pomadov       $1,000

In World Of Warcraft, Woah showed their dominance from the start. They sent x6tence to the lower bracket in the first game. x6tence won all 4 of its lower bracket matches 3-0, to put them in the Grand finals vs Woah. Coming from the lower bracket, they would need to beat Woah twice. Woah started off the Grand Finals winning the first two maps. x6tence was able to regroup and win 3 straight games to take the first series. They carried that momentum into the second set winning the first game. From here on out the teams traded games and in the end x6tence was able to win the EU Regional’s.

1. x6tence $15,000
Woah    $6,000

American WC3 is not as big as it is in Europe, but that did not mean we would see a boring tournament. A level 10 Warden in the finals, when do we ever see that? Phil ‘LongWalk’ Crawford cruised through round 1 and 2, and then he met Nikolaus ‘SonKiE’ Cassidy in round 3. Longwalk was able to beat SonKiE and send him to the lower brackets. Sonkie would only need to beat Abdulaziz ‘CrunCher’ Abed to make it to the Grand Finals and a rematch with Longwalk. With an easy 2-0 victory, it was rematch time. Of course, SonKiE knew he would need to beat Longwalk twice. Longwalk beat SonKiE in the first bo3 2-1. The two friends were happy with both of their results and we will be seeing them again at Blizzcon.

1. Phil ‘LongWalk’ Crawford $5,000
Nikolaus ‘SonKiE’ Cassidy $2,000

For the US World of Warcraft scene there were a few teams we have not seen on lan before. HolyPlay’s Priest did not show up, therefore causing them to FF both of their matches. EG showed they were ready to compete. They were able to take out eMg 3-1 and TSG 3-2. EG was sent to the lower brackets by SK and would be playing TSG again. This was a huge game for both teams, lower bracket finals with the winner heading to Blizzcon. TSG was able to play their game and beat EG 3-2. In the Finals, which was one of the quickest series to watch, SK beat TSG 3-1. The question is will someone be able to stop SK, at Blizzcon.

1. SK.USA $15,000
TSG    $6,000

These teams and players will be competing at Blizzcon in August, on the 21st and 22nd. Make sure you come back to, as we will have full coverage of the event.