Sky wins ESL Continental Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / January 19, 2009

The Chinese human player Xiaofeng “Sky” Li has won the ESL Continental Finals. Sky has been on fire for most of the tournament and the final was no difference. In the grand finals the played against the orc player Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen from the Netherlands who had advanced to the Finals by beating TeD in the lower bracket finals.

In the first game on Twisted Meadows both players traded bases, but Grubby drew the shorter straw when Sky was already building Gryphons together with a Mountain King and a Paladin.
In the second game on Melting Valley Sky again went for a fast expansion that Grubby tried to counter with Grunts and mercenaries, but failed to do so. In an last attempt Grubby tried to do a Demolisher push, but Sky noticed it in time and countered with a bunch of mercenaries. This was the end of Grubby’s chances to renew his title.

Final four:
1. Sky $5,000
2. Grubby $2,500
3. TeD $1,500
4. Moon $1,000