SlayerS_BoxeR is Team Razer

BY Andrew Miesner / February 15, 2011

Anyone who follows E sports knows who SlayerS_BoxeR is, his name is legendary across the world, and his influence over professional E Sports and the game of Starcraft has been the central key in really expanding the potential of professional gaming.

Lim Yo Hwang the “Terran Emperor” has over 500,000 registered fans in South Korea, over 500 televised wins, he’s had a DVD released on his most prestigious games, he’s won two World Cyber Games, multiple Starleagues, and his pure skills brings shock and awe to those who watch him play. Even at the wise age of 30 he continues to play, not for his own sake but for the sake of his fans who wish to see him once more in action.

With his return in the GSL Open Season 2, Razer has decided to sponsor him, and his upcoming journey on once again becoming a champion in Starcraft 2 as he did back in Brood War.


I am happy to finally represent Razer in the gaming community. StarCraft 2 is tough, it already hosts a lot of competitive players from Korea and Europe. I’ve been using Razer products since to hone my StarCraft Gaming. It will be difficult, but with Razer, never impossible.


The official press release can be viewed here