Soap Box: TFG on DchozN Controversy

BY Andrew Miesner / February 21, 2009

TFG steps up to the Soap Box to share his thoughts on the recent DchozN controversy

Recently there has been a storm of contoversy surrounding one of the most famous Counter-Strike film makers in U.S. history.  David “DchozN” Cho has had allegations leveled against him on gaming forums about not delivering films that people had paid for.  As discussed in a previous article, Mr. Cho released a website to respond to and combat the allegations.

Today, famous eSports movie maker Daniel “tfg” Frome submitted a Soap Box editorial to express his feelings on the recent events, and you can read it below.


(This piece is an editorial and does not necessarily reflect the views of compLexity Gaming or its parent company.)

I recently visited the complexity website only to see a picture of David Cho on the front page.  “Great!” I thought, as it’s always nice to see a fellow movie maker getting some publicity.   It was, in fact, David’s official public statement defending his work and reputation against some accusations of “scamming” people.   I’m not sure if most of you have been keeping up with the forum circus on gotfrag regarding this issue, but it’s a highly entertaining read.  It’s got all the elements of e-drama and e-thuggery that you could hope for.  On a side note:  Gotfrag – why did you delete some of those forum posts … it was the first bit of interesting news I found on your site in a long, long time. 


Unlike Dave, who is in full damage-control mode, I am no longer a part of this community.  I have no vested interest in keeping my reputation in check, nor do I care about offending anybody.  But, just like Chuck Norris and other has-been celebrities, I feel the need to voice my opinion as if I am still somehow relevant. 

I’m still laughing my ass off at how excited everybody got about Dchozn apparently scamming someone out of $50, and then someone else for $150.  My first thought is “Dave, how could you have been so foolish to accept a job for $50?”  But then again, we’re talking esports: the magical land where $50 suddenly turns you into a movie producer, and $150 buys you the biggest slander campaign of the decade. 

Frankly, I’m surprised that Cho is accepting small jobs like this.  Both of us worked at CGS – enjoying a good salary, daily spending cash, catered meals, free rental cars and apartments right outside Venice beach (okay fine … Cho didn’t get a rental car… but I DID, so there).  It’s obvious that he cares about the community.  Otherwise he would have moved on to better jobs like infomercials and porn.  

Truth be told we’ll never know what happened.  The only people making real money off this is PaypalÒ Inc.  A $50 job is not worth crying about.  As for the $150 slander campaign, it definitely looks like David dropped the ball on this one.   He should have refunded the money and booked them an appointment at a local edit facility.  Edit station rentals start at around $75/hour – so let’s see how far that $150 really gets you when it counts. 


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