sodah Interviewed by Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / August 13, 2009

Today, an interview was released on the Fnatic site with Alex “sodah” Ringe. The interview covers his expectations for the team and for upcoming events, as well as the need for patches in the game. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

You mentioned your teams new pickup, what sort of an impact will he have on the team, and will you be ready to compete as a team with such little time for practice?

Reckful is a very intelligent and careful player with a very clean playstyle. He’s easy to mesh with, and we’ve fought TSG, EMG, SK-US, and Fnatic with him in the past month. He’s great with working out strategies and has taken on a creative role for the team, encouraging us to try new specs and different playstyles. That being said, there was some initial rough spots when we first began playing together as Venruki and Reckful had entirely different mindsets going into RMP mirrors. We’ve since patched that up and are quite ready to compete =)

Does that mean you will do some multi-classing at the event?

That information is entirely confidential.

You have been under the coL banner for quite some time now, how does it feel to play for complexity?

They’re great guys, and very patient with us. It’s pretty neat knowing your sponsor won’t dump you just for losing a tournament, and I’m proud to be a player wearing their tag. They’re definitely the best US sponsor, and It’s a privilege to be sure.

MLG is using the most recent patch, so right now that is 3.2; how much do you feel this patch has changed the way teams now stack up against each other?

Good question. In my own opinion, the changes are subtle and not as game-changing as some people say. With resilience a better stat and Shamans and Priests getting physical damage reduction on crits, it means cleaves will have a bit of a tougher time blowing up clothies. The patch slowed down arenas a tiny bit, but it’s almost unnoticable. I actually have enjoyed that patch and our team has done better since its release, possibly because it fits our playstyle better, I’m not sure. What I’m most sure of, however, is that Rogue-Lock-Shaman teams will be doing even better than they were before, which is a little scary.

You can read the full interview by clicking here