SoJu and ReMinD officially released from SK-Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2009

SK-Gaming has now officially released ReMinD and SoJu. The reason, according to SK’s manager reis, was that since the competitions in WC3 are becoming more individual and because of this changes had to be made for a smaller team. ReMinD hasn’t really performed on a high individual level lately, but played really good versus WE in the WC3L grand final. SoJu on the other hand recently took first place recently at NiceGameTV league season 2. Both players will probably keep playing WC3. The duo was also called “the best 2on2 team in the world” by MYM]Losemann in an interview on which is quite a lot said coming from a rival manager.

The remaining SK roster consists of:

June “Lyn” Park
Daniel “miou” Holthuis
Seo Woo “ReiGn” Kang
Dong Hwan “viOlet” Kim