Sound Blaster Announces Fifth Invite

BY Andrew Miesner / January 29, 2013

With the fifth qualifier underway for the Sound Blaster Heroes League it’s time to announce the fifth invited team! Tt eSPORTS will join 15 other invited and qualifying teams in the SBHL playoffs next month to compete for $40,000 in cash and prizes.

About Tt eSPORTS

The current TteS is the product of nearly two years of roster changes and hard work. The team, originally known as Frenetic Array, was comprised of four Australians and one Kiwi, yet their high ping didn’t keep them from dominating in online events. When the Oceanic team got to show off on LAN at Dreamhack Winter 2011 they came closer than anyone had prior to dethroning the dominant FnaticMSI, finishing in a close second place. After losing players to Dota 2 the Fray roster went through a series of changes, picking up Americans LeonBlack` and Riser_ to replace Aussies JabbaWabba and Snoopy. Though continuing to show success in online events the Fray roster continued to change, but picked up their sponsor, Tt eSPORTS. Eventually Moiravus was added to the roster, replacing dabeliuteef, and MyNuts (the future tdM captain) stepped in as a ringer for Riser_ to help the new TteS team secure silver at Dreamhack Summer 2012. Though once again dropping the LAN event to Fnatic TteS continued to remain a constant threat in the upper echelons of the competitive HoN scene. After qualifying for Dreamhack Winter 2012 the team did well, in spite of having to bring a ringer once again for Riser_, eventually finishing in 3rd place after narrowly losing to compLexity Gaming in the semi-finals. After yet another solid LAN finish it was a great shock when team captain and carry player sLiCKz chose to leave the team, opting to join with up and coming team stayGreen. Bringing in long time player Ensoe from Domain of Pain the team found a new carry and shortly thereafter showed their greatest success in HoN Tour, defeating tdM 2-0 and finishing bronze in the third cycle. With recent performances on the rise and consistently strong play when it counts the TteS team, now 1 Kiwi and 4 North Americans, is sure to shine in the upcoming Sound Blaster Heroes League playoffs.

The Tt eSPORTS HoN roster includes:


David “wyt`” Ashwell

25 – Auckland, New Zealand

The captain of the TteS team is the only remaining member of the original Frenetic Array roster, and the only Oceanic player left on the now predominantly international team. With Fray/TteS wyt` has made it to the podium of not just the last 3 Dreamhack events, but also in multiple online events including back to back ESL seasons. In game wyt` serves as the drafter/strategist as the team and plays a fearsome jungle including a particularly nasty Parasite.


Quinn “LeonBlack`” Wagner

19 – California, USA

LeonBlack` was picked up by Frenetic Array in the first wave of replacements in early 2012. Though Leon had not had much prior competitive experience he quickly meshed with the team and contributed to two podium placements at both Dreamhack events in 2012. Leon’s strong support play is exemplified by his signature hero, Aluna. With great laning and map presence fan favorite “ReonBrack” makes sure to keep the wards up while proving a constant threat with red power throws.


Andrew “Riser_” Bronze

25 – Oklahoma, USA

While Riser_ is the only member of the team with multiple previous teams on his resume he certainly is not the only experience TteS player. After entering the scene as a replacement player for Evil Geniuses in 2011 Riser_ quickly gained notoriety for his strong Bubbles play. Riser_ also spent a short while with SK gaming, the other dominant team of the day before joining up with team Jah and Friends in early 2012 to claim some online tournament victories. Once he teamed up with TteS Riser continued to show great play in online events, specializing in solo and suicide roles with signature heroes like Keeper of the Forest.


Nathan “Moiravus” Geldmeier

19 – North Carolina, USA

Moiravus is another relatively new addition to the competitive scene. After breaking into the scene with Clan Milk in early 2012 Moiravus was eventually picked up by Tt eSPORTS to fill the void that dabeliuteef in mid 2012. With his new team Moiravus contributed to online success during the late summer and fall of 2012, culminating in strong showings during the HoN Tour qualifiers as well as a 3rd place finish at DreamHoN Winter. While Moiravus specializes in strength initiators like Magmus or Moraxus he will occasionally play a hard carry hero when the situation calls for it.


Mark “Ensoe” Maljik

22 – Toronto, Canada

The newest addition from to the TteS roster is Ensoe, a player with deep seated roots in the competitive community. Although Ensoe has been a part of the HoN scene for near 3 years he was inactive recently until joining up with friends to compete as the Domain of Pain. After joining TteS Ensoe has shifted primarily into the carry role, sporting signature heroes like Forsaken Archer and Gravekeeper. Ensoe is a multi-talented gamer, claiming the title of 1st place EVO Marvel vs Capcom 3 champion in the Streets division.


Speaking about his team’s invite to the Sound Blaster Heroes League playoffs team captain David “Wyt” Ashwell had this to say,

“We are honoured to be invited into the Sound Blaster tournament and we look forward to watch and play out this tournament, hopefully to the very end.”


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