Sound Blaster Announces Seventh Invite

BY Andrew Miesner / February 14, 2013

With the seventh and final Sound Blaster Heroes League Qualifier now underway it’s time to unveil the next invite to the SBHL. The top team in Southeast Asia, Orange Esports Malaysia, will represent their region as one of two non-NA/EU teams in the tournament at the end of the month.

About Orange Esports Malaysia

Orange Esports Malaysia’s HoN team first made a splash in the SEA scene back in mid 2011. With a strong roster and a dedicated sponsor the team took only a few months to jump from 4th, then 3rd, then 2nd place finishes to take their first gold in the Invasion CyberCafe LAN, over other top SEA team, MuFC. Over the next year ORGE went from a top contender, to the clear favorite in any event they played in. Since their win in the first Malaysia HoN National Championship Qualifier ORGE has not settled for less than Gold, racking up 4 subsequent first place finishes in SEA events. The team’s success is not limited to SEA, they also recently qualified and participated in the DreamHoN event at Dreamhack Winter this past November. Here the ORGE team made an upset, qualifying for the playoff bracket over team V0TE (now sG), a favorite to place top 3. Finishing with a solid fourth place the SEA team flew back home and took first place in the Malaysia HoN National Championship, earning them a cool $100,000 USD for gold. Just days after their victory prominent member of ORGE XXF_ left the team to play League of Legends. Questions about the future of the team arose, but were quickly put to rest as former MuFC players kiDDO` and Nick_Oks` were brought on to form the current 6 man roster. While most NA/EU members of the HoN scene don’t know a ton about the SEA teams we can all agree that if anyone from that region is to make a splash in the upcoming SBHL, it is Orange Esports Malaysia. Look for their unique play style and strategy to hit the battlefield in just two weeks as the Sound Blaster Heroes League playoffs quickly approach.

The Orange Esports Malaysia roster consists of:


Lee ” MrGhost ” Way Yoong

24 – Malaysia

The long time captain, drafter, and utility player of Orange Esports specializes in creating unique and innovative strategies to throw his opponents off. Drawing from his strong experience in past team, MuFC and the wisdom that comes with age MrGhost specializes in micro intensive junglers Ophelia and Tempest.


Chew ” Shuiyu ” Choong Wa

20 – Malaysia

The support player for the team is also one of the fan favorites of the international scene. He draws on the depth of experience he had with his teammates when playing the support position to make sure his team has all necessary information to make the correct battlefield decision. When playing support Shuiyu specializes on heroes like Aluna and Glacius.


Lee “WangWang” Yean Seong

21 – Malaysia

Orange Esports Malaysia’s initiator rounds out the “old guard” of ORGE players. He specializes in the initiator role, making split second decisions that can make or break team fights, and even games for his team. When playing the initiator role WangWang specializes in Portal Key wielding heroes like Moraxus and Pebbles.


Loh “dabeliuteef” Jun Liong

24 – Malaysia

Dabeliuteef has a long international history in Heroes of Newerth before making the SEA scene his home. He was one of the original members of team Frenetic Array and was part of the team when they were picked up by sponsor Tt eSPORTS. With Fray Dabeliuteef was able to secure back to back silver in DreamHack Winter 2011 and DreamHoN Summer 2012 before leaving to join Orange. Within ORGE Dabeliuteef specializes in the carry role, farming hard on heroes like The Dark Lady and Silhouette.


Ong “Nick_Oks`” Kah Seng

23 – Malaysia

One of the two new pickups for Orange Esports, Nick_Oks plays a utlity role for the team, playing both supporter and ganker. With his previous team, MuFC, Nick_Oks was able to develop strong talents for both the initiator role, playing heroes like Magmus, while still excelling at the mind games needed to play strong support heroes like Aluna.


Ong “kiDDO`” Kah Poh

17 – Malaysia

The younger of the two new pickups for Orange also earned his stripes with fellow SEA team MuFC. Along with Nick_Oks`, kiDDO` is another utility player, playing the roles of carry, jungle, and solo. He specializes in strong ganking heroes like Bubbles and Wretched Hag where his youth and quick reflexes allow him to outplay his opponents and help his team toward victory.


Regarding their invite to participate in the Sound Blaster Heroes League Playoffs, the Orange Esports Team had this to say,

“We’re are very honoured and excited to be invited to this tournament. We will do our best and make sure that there will be some huge plays! Since we have a new line-up in the team, we hope to do better than before! We’re definitely hoping to bring back first place and glory to SEA!”


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