SOX – tradamus is back, CEVO-P Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / February 8, 2009


Week 3-2 CEVO-Professional Predictions



Legacy(0-5) vs. EG.canada(2-3)

    Despite Legacy’s 0-5 record, this one should actually be closer than some may think.  Although they have failed to put one in the win column, team Legacy has giving a few teams a run for their money (team 34 being one of them.)  While comes into this match, with wins over eMazing Gaming, and iDemise; two pretty solid teams.  Team Legacy will be the home team, and they will most likely start out on the terrorist-side; if they can jump on early and ride the momentum they can win this matchup.  On the other hand, if keeps it relatively close on their defensive side, they should have no problem closing out another win. 

And the winner is: EG.canada by the score of 16-11.

Player to watch – Halston “Tekn1kal” Bellintani, experience usually leads by action, and he has been around the game a very long time.


Team 34(3-2) vs. MoB.Gaming(2-3)

    Team 34 is coming into this match with some momentum on their side after a huge win against EG.usa.  MoB.Gaming has struggled a bit so far this season, including a trouncing defeat from the hands of iDemise by the score of 16-3.  MoB.Gaming won the CEVO-P crown last season with a different roster obviously, and they have a lot of work to do to come even remotely close to that team of a season ago.  We could see another win here by Team 34, if they continue to play like they are capable of.  MoB.Gaming also has the potential and experience to take this week 3 matchup, they just have a little more work to do to earn this win.

And the winner is: Team 34 by the score of 16-10.

Player to watch – The entire Team 34, they have played well on lan and client as of late.


EG.usa(1-3) vs. Gravitas Gaming(4-0)

    This next one should be a very intriguing match to watch for a lot of people around North American Counter-Strike scene.  When EG.usa left compLexity about 2 months ago, they were touted to be America’s savior in the international scene, but that hasn’t happened yet.  They have struggled in CEVO-P this season after a strong showing last season, losing to teams: x3o, Team 34, and Frag Dominant.  Gravitas Gaming comes with four wins and our one of only two teams (x3o) that remain undefeated, and look to be in position to run away with this season.  EG.usa can get their season back on track with a solid victory against one of North American’s best teams at this point, but it will prove to be challenging because of the known fact that the old compLexity powerhouse has always struggled on dust2 in the past.

And the winner is:  Gravitas Gaming by the score of 16-13.

Player to watch – Derrick “impulsive” Truong and his tremendous rifle skills.   Danny “fRoD” Montaner, with his ability to completely carry and change a game has always been an astonishing trait.


x3o(4-0) vs. iDemise(2-3)

    The other undefeated team we mentioned before is team x3o, and they come in being one of the hottest teams in North America at the moment.  They look to continue their undefeated CEVO season against a pretty good team in iDemise.  iDemise has been back and forth so far this season, but they definitely have what it takes to pull off the upset shocker in this week’s match.  Although Team x3o is and should be highly favored to win this match and remain undefeated, don’t be surprised to see a shootout.

And the winner is: Team x3o by the score of 16-12.

Player to watch – Team x3o, they have played and meshed really well together over the past few weeks.


eMazing Gaming(1-3) vs. Frag Dominant(4-1)

    The former zEx superstars taking on the former EG.usa team, in a match that should and could be one of the best we see this week.  Frag Dominant comes into this match, with wins over MoB.Gaming, EG.canada, and the team that replaced  them,  EG.usa.  They have made the other teams aware that they will be a force in this league.  Emg comes into this match with only one victory so far, but it was an impressive statement against team 34 in the first half of week 3 on this very map.  This match could be and will likely be back and forth, especially if eMg plays like they did against Team 34.  Be prepared to see a great match here between two teams who have been around the professional scene quite a bit.

And the winner is: Frag Dominant by the score 16-14.

Player to watch – Nazar “Steno” Vynnytsky, the in-game leader of FD, has his team playing very well.  Kevin “azn” Wang, has proved time and time again that he can frag with the best.




    There you have it folks, my picks for the last half of week 3.  I deeply apologize for the lack of predictions so far, as I know many people enjoy these type things just as much as I like to write them.  Leave me some feedback peoples, and enjoy the exciting CEVO action.