SOX – tradamus Returns; Week 5.1 CEVO-P Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / February 17, 2009


Week 5.1 CEVO-Professional Predictions

de_train vs. x3o(7-1)

    EG.canada’s week 4.2 match against Team 34 was one of two matches to actually be completed last week, and they were able to secure a solid 16-11 victory.  This week they have a larger test to overcome, on a more strategic map; de_train.  X3o on the other hand, has been red hot in CEVO-P going 7-1 thus far, as well as 2-1 in the ESEA-invite league.  This could have all the fixings to be a pretty decent matchup, after all this is CEVO-Professional and all the teams here are here for a reason; simply put, they earned it.

And the winner is:  Putting these two teams together head-to-head, I think it is a safe bet to go with the more proven team, who has been to more lans together; that team being x3o.  Final Score, x3o 16 – 12.

Player to watch –  Dan “mehLer” Mehler, with de_train being an awpers dream of a map; be looking for him to put his “AWP” skills to work and locking down certain locations of the map.


EG.usa(3-4) vs. MoB.Gaming(3-5)

    This next matchup is going to be the match of the week in my opinion: EG.usa who is obviously at an up and down state of their careers, and MoB.Gaming, who has yet to get that “big” win this season.  This match is being held on de_train. It could turn out to be anyone’s game really, and I don’t see a reason why either team could end up winning this match period.  EG.usa however, was able to gain some momentum a few weeks ago beating Gravitas Gaming in overtime on de_dust2.

And the winner is:  It is so hard to pick either team to win a match because neither has been “dominant” so far this season.  I think that EG.usa will be able to “outlast” MoB.Gaming solely off of their experience factor.  Let’s not forget that EG.usa has n0thing, who seems to beast it up on de_train (see vs. fnatic demo.) Final Score, EG.usa 16 – MoB 11.

Players to watch:  Speaking of “Awps,” I seem to recall EG.usa having one of the most famous “Awpers” in Counter-strike history, and possibly the greatest “Awper” we have ever seen.  Danny “fRoD” Montaner and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert should play well enough to lead EG.usa to their fourth victory.



Team 34(3-5) vs. Gravitas Gaming(5-1)

    With a few matches down already, we move right along into another matchup with two potential “playoff” teams.  Team 34, who has been a bit of a surprise and easily the darkhorse team of the season so far.  They will have their hands full of Gravitas Gaming in this one; it’s going to be tough for Team 34 to gain their fourth victory.  Gravitas Gaming is currently 5-1 in CEVO-Professional and 2-1 in ESEA-Invite (overtime loss to iDemise) and have easily been one of North America’s best teams for months now.

And the winner is:  I think it is pretty obvious and a safe bet to say that Gravitas Gaming should come out on top in this matchup but one thing is for sure: if they underestimate this team in the slightest bit they could be seeing another loss headed their way.  Final Score, GG 16 – 34 11.

Player to watch:  As much “ragging” and “picking” he has received lately over a missed shot(s) at a lan tournament a few weeks ago, Shaun “hostile” Catron will surely be “Awping” his team to victory.


Frag Dominant(5-2) vs. iDemise(3-4)

    After being what seemed to be an obvious move, EG.usa cut chE, naz, and nepo from their Counter-Strike team, in favor of former compLexity players (storm, frod, warden, and hanes.)  Since then, Frag Dominant picked those players up and have reaped the rewards.  They have gone 5-2 in CEVO-P, and 2-0 in ESEA-Invite thus far.  They are matched up with iDemise (formerly MugNMouse.)  iDemise has seem some success so far as well, a 3-4 record only show so much (wins over MoB.Gaming and EG.usa.)  As well as, wins over EG.canada and x3o in the ESEA-Invite league.

And the winner is:  This match is going to be a pretty tight one till’ the end I do believe, and the winner may just surprise you.  Final Score: iDemise 16 – Frag Dominant 14.

Player to watch:  Josh “PunkvillE” Dacus and Alex “hazard” Martins both played amazingly well against Gravitas Gaming on train in their ESEA-Invite win.  Watch for one of these two to continue their gameplay into this match as well.


eMazing Gaming(2-3) vs. Legacy(1-7)

    The last match on our schedule for week 5.1, puts the league’s two-worst (standings-wise) head-to-head.  Although eMazing Gaming sits in 9th place out of 10 teams, they have yet to play three of their matches that have been scheduled.  The last time we seen them in action, was back in week 3.2 on de_dust2; when they were able to down Frag Dominant, by an impressive 16-8 score.  Team Legacy has one win out of 8 matches so far this season, with their only win coming against EG.canada.  Their last match in week 4.2 on de_nuke, resulted in a forfeit-loss to EG.usa; something any “professional” team should not ever let happen.

And the winner is:  Team Legacy is new to CEVO-P, and there win-loss record shows that very statement.  eMazing Gaming has the experience, and talent to lead their way back to a .500 winning percentage.  Final Score, eMg 16 – Legacy 8.

Player to watch:  Touching back on the statement I made earlier, and de_train being an “Awpers” dream map, I am going to stay with another known “awper” in this match as well.  Aran “i0nZ” Curbelo has been known to be a pretty devastating “awper” in his time, so look for him to put those skills to work here.