SOX – tradamus, Week 4.2 CEVO Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / February 15, 2009


CEVO-Professional Week 4.2



Team 34(3-4) vs. EG.canada(3-4)

    Starting off the last half of week 4 on de_nuke, we have two teams with identical win-loss records.  While Team 34 has wins against teams such as: EG.usa, Legacy, and iDemise, they could really use this match to put some separation between them and in the standings.  EG.canada has wins against: MoB.Gaming, iDemise, and eMazing Game, respectfully.  The records of these two organizations should be a telling point to the match; it should, and could be one that goes down to the wire.

And the winner is:  The winner of the match is going to be the first team who is actually forces the other team out of their game plan.  The team that wins this match is going to be EG.canada, as they will use their experience to gain the upper-hand. Final score, 16 – Team 34 11.

Player to watch:  All of EG.canada; they played exceptionally well in their last nuke matchup against MoB.Gaming, eventually winning 16-7.


Frag Dominant(5-2) vs. Gravitas Gaming(5-1)

    This next matchup pairs two of North-America’s best organizations.  The former EG.usa team (with a few additions of course) found themselves a new home under the Frag Dominant name, and so far so good.  Gravitas Gaming on the other hand, has a bit of a hot streak going, as they have won four straight matches but have yet to show what they can do on nuke this season.  This one should be the match of the week hands down, as both teams will be fighting to either leapfrog, or stay above the other team in the standings. 

And the winner is:  As well as both teams have played over the past few weeks, it will be really hard to nail down a winner in this match.  I will go on by saying that Frag Dominant had a pretty convincing win in their nuke match a few days ago against Team 34, by the score of 16-4.  I am walking out on a limb here, but I am taking Frag Dominant over Gravitas Gaming in this one.  Final Score, Frag Dominant 16 – Gravitas Gaming 13.

Player to watch:  The only way Frag Dominant wins this match is if Fadil “Nepo-” Canovic has the game he’s capable of.  He has proved he can hang with the CEVO-P scene, and he will need to frag like it tonight.

eMazing Gaming(2-3) vs. iDemise(2-4)

    The next match on our agenda for this week has a little old school flavor to it, iDemise (MugNMouse) vs. eMazing Gaming (zEx.)  These two teams have gotten off to a rocky start early in this CEVO-P season, and both need to win this match to try and get some momentum.  It is going to be interesting to see if eMazing Gaming can pull it together and show off some of that firepower that the e-Sports community is wanting to see, or if iDemise can play like they have played in CEVO-P before. 

And the winner is:  This one should be fairly close, especially with the match being played on de_nuke.  I honestly think eMazing has more talent on their roster, and they will show us fans what they are all about.  Final Score, eMazing Gaming 16 – iDemise 11.

Player to watch:  Kevin “aZn” Wang.  Yes I know I selected him last week, but he seriously has some strong fragging abilities.  He is however, notoriously known for not playing well in whatever team he is on, so for him to harness that negative flaw would be huge for a team like iDemise.


x3o(6-1) vs. MoB.Gaming(3-4)

  In the next matchup of the week, we see one of North America’s top performing teams for quite some time now.  I am seriously searching for reasoning to make this match close on paper for you guys, but in all reality it could get quite ugly for MoB, fast.  In week 3.2, MoB.Gaming defeated team 34 by an impressive 16-6 score, and the very next match; they dropped to EG.canada by the score of 16-7.  It is no secret however, MoB.Gaming has loads of talent and potential; and for them to come out and explode in this match against x3o could be just what this team needs.

And the winner is:  x3o is one of two teams favored to win this league along with Gravitas Gaming, and for good reason; they are a very solid counter-strike team who plays with a lot of passion.  Final score, x3o 16 – MoB.Gaming 9.

Player to watch:  Ryan “NineSpot” Bell, on days when he is on and hitting his shots, it almost seems like he in invincible.  Watch for him to step up a bit and have a huge game for x3o.


EG.usa(2-3) vs. Legacy(1-6)

    EG.usa is coming into this match under .500, but seems to be getting better at a rapid pace.  They are coming off of a solid win in their last matchup against Gravitas Gaming, where they were able to get a win in overtime on de_dust2; but before the win they had lost 3 in a row.  Team Legacy has yet to really show the fans anything they have to offer, except their only win which was against EG.canada.  A win for Legacy here would be a huge momentum swing for their season and could be a backbreaker for EG.usa.

And the winner is:  As much as fans and the community love to see an upset, I seriously doubt Team Legacy has what it takes to win a match against the experience of EG.usa.  Final score, EG.usa 16 – Legacy 7.

Player to watch:  Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert and Corey “hanes” Hanes, both have been playing amazingly well for their team over the past few weeks.  Look for them to have a great game and earn another win.