SOXtradamus – Week 5.2 CEVO-P Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / February 24, 2009

CEVO-Professional 5.2


EG.usa(5-4) vs.

Leading off the week we will see an organization sending their two teams into battle. These two teams look to face-off for the third time since the new rosters from EG were released.  Team EG.usa was able to take the match the first two meetings when they downed the Canadian team in week 1 on de_inferno by the score of 16-4, and again in the ESEA-Invite league on de_cpl_mill.  This match will take place on de_train, which has easily been one of EG.usa’s better maps as of late.  I think that EG.canada better bring their a-game if they plan on taking down the American team.

And the winner is:  I have to say, EG.usa has began to show signs of life and have vastly improved over the last few weeks.  They show the same dominant force they displayed for many years in the past (frod, storm, and warden.)  I see them coming out strong, led by fRoD’s awp.  EG.usa 16 – 7.

Player to watch:  The first half of the week I featured a few “awping” style players and the way that de_train complemented that very play style.  This week I will go another route, and I think Matt “warden” Dickens will have a huge game for his team.  Warden has been on fire as of late, and it should continue here. 

eMazing Gaming(2-5) vs. MoB.Gaming(3-6)

It seems like every season, this league has one team who seems to not care about getting their matches scheduled and played, and this season is no exception.  Team eMazing has three matches on their schedule that have yet to be played, and the first half of this week was one of those matches.  MoB.Gaming was in action on this map earlier in the week when they took on EG.usa.  They were met with tons of resistance as EG.usa was able to put MoB away by the score of 16-4.  If this match is actually played sometime soon, some spectators may actually see a great game.

And the winner is:  It is kind of hard to choose sides here on who will win this match, as it will obviously be a great match.  I give the edge to MoB.Gaming in this match, as they were able to pull out a 16-14 win on this very map over in the ESEA-Invite league earlier in the month.

Player to watch:  After some of the MoB.Gaming players brought home some impressive individual awards from this past week in ESEA-Invite (Sonny “s0nny” Tran with most “m4a1” frags, and Jimmy “foogz” Koller with most “awp” frags.),  I see the two of them leading their team to another victory here in CEVO.

Frag Dominant(6-3) vs. GG No Re(1-7)

After starting the season winning their first three matches, Frag Dominant has found themselves at 3-3 in their last six matches.  They are still one of North-America’s better teams and have compiled themselves a 3-1 record in ESEA-Invite as well.  GG No Re, formerly known as Team Legacy, hasn’t exactly had the CEVO-Professional debut they were obviously hoping for. Their only win of the season came back in week 3 when they took down on de_dust2. 

And the winner is:  I don’t think its any question at who takes home the victory in this match, in my honest opinion, GG No Re is just no match for the more experienced Frag Dominant.  Frag Dominant 16 – GG No Re 8.

Player to watch:  Michael “chE” Guevara, was another player who took home an individual award in the past week of ESEA-Invite. He lead all players with the “highest head-shot kill percentage, 19.2%.”

Gravitas Gaming(8-2) vs. iDemise(4-5)

This match is not going to be covered this week. I am a tad-bit late on the predictions for this set of matches and it actually took place tonight.  Team iDemise was able to pull out a stunning win by the score of 16 – 11 over Gravitas Gaming.  I have to be quite honest here, I would have chosen Gravitas Gaming to take this match in a heart beat.

x3o(8-1) vs. Team 34(3-6)

The last match of week 5 features team x3o, who currently sits atop the CEVO-P standings by a very small margin (0.442). The will be taking on Team 34, who at one point in the season looked to be poised for a dark-horse playoff run.  A win here for Team 34 could be what the team needs to catapult their confidence level through to roof.  After starting the season with a 3-1 record, team 34 has lost 5-in a row. This includes a heart-breaking 16-14 loss to Gravitas Gaming in the first half of the week on de_train. With that performance from Team 34, easily gives this match my vote for match of the week. I say prepare for a nail-biter that should be exciting all the way till the end.

And the winner is:  As well as team 34 played last week against Gravitas Gaming, I have to give the edge to powerhouse team x3o here.  I think that x3o possesses too much intellect to underestimate team 34 this week and will be prepared for a battle till the final round.

Player to watch:  Back in week 1 in the ESEA-Invite league, x3o lost their week 1 match on de_train to Frag Dominant by the score of 16-14.  Team x3o was lead by David “savior” Park who finished the match with 21 frags and 21 deaths (the only person on their team to finish atleast .500 kills-deaths ratio.)  I think he can have a huge game in this contest.

That pretty much wraps up week-5 as we are in the back-stretch of the CEVO-Professional season.  I deeply apologize that these predictions are a tad-bit late and I will try by best to get them on time for the rest of the season. I want to thank the people who take the time out to read over my words of wisdom (evil grin) and I appreciate all feedback (positive and negative) that I receive from you guys/gals. Thanks again and good luck, have fun!