StarCraft 2 Beta-testing “Soon”

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009

The mastermind behind the highly anticipated sequal; StarCraft 2 is soon to enter beta-testing. With Diablo 3 on the horizon shortly after StarCraft 2 is completed, Blizzard is looking to control the gaming circuit from all angles. The only thing left for this powerhouse of entertainment is to conquer is first person shooters and with the creative geniuses behind 3 of the most popular games to ever grace a hard-drive, it may not be far from reality.

Chief Operating Officer, Paul Sams had this to say on the upcoming beta stage: “The beta will be played on a basic version of our new architecture, which will give us the opportunity to test the game and the service in a live environment. Over time, we’ll be adding features to deliver a second-generation experience.”

Beta-testing is scheduled to start “in the months ahead” Sams added further, but no exact details have been released however, when it is announced — you guys will be the first to know.

Stay tuned.

Source: SK-Gaming