StarCraft Cheating Scandal

BY Andrew Miesner / April 13, 2010

The biggest scandal in e-Sports is currently being unfolded in Korea. Sources are saying this all started back in 2006 and really picked up steam in 2008.

It is being understood that many pro gamers are involved in match set-ups and illegal betting. Although the names are not being released at this time, it is believed sAviOr is on the list. He is considered the best of all time in StarCraft.

Many of these pro gamers have been intentionally losing their matches and leaking their team replay’s to corrupt gambling groups. 2008 is when betting sites started to contact the players to rigg their matches.

Currently, it appears that the following players are being investigated:

Myung Soo (Yarnc)
Chan Soo (Luxury)
Sang Ho (SangHo)
Jung Woo (EffOrt)
Yong Hwa (Movie)
Jae Yoon (sAviOr)
Taek Yong (Bisu)
Byong Goo (Stork)
Jae Wook (BeSt)
il Jang (hero)
Myung Hoon (fantasy)
Heui Seung (UpMaGiC)
Jae Dong (Jaedong)
Sang Moon (Leta)
Jong Seo (Justin)
Chang Hee (go.go)

Source: Gamepron