Stockholm, Sweden

BY Andrew Miesner / May 12, 2010

Today is a travel day in the Syndicate as coL.cs heads to Stockholm, Sweden for their 2 week journey. 2 events and a bootcamp await the team when they arrive, but first they must battle the 8 hour flight. coL.cs will be attending Arbalet Europe, one of the most star studded events in recent CS history. The event is set to begin on Friday, May 14th and will run until Sunday the 16th. Immediately following the event, coL.cs will begin a week long bootcamp at Inferno Online to gain practice experience against the European teams. To conclude their trip, the guys will be competing in the Inferno Online League tournament, featuring a whole assortment of Swedish teams.

Joining the team for Arbalet Europe is Jason “Anomoly” Bass. JBass will be on hand until Sunday to provide support for the guys as well as video and picture from the event.



We wish everyone a safe flight today and best of luck as they compete on foreign soil for the first time as a team.