Stream Team Adds Merchant

BY Andrew Miesner / March 14, 2017

Today the compLexity Gaming family and our stream team is proud to present it’s newest member, Gwent streamer and voice model Connagh “Merchant” Hawkins.

For a while now, Connagh has made rounds through digital card games, as well as a host of other games. In fact, not only has he played games for the majority of his life, but he also has spent the last couple of years of his professional career as a balancer and community manager for Runescape Legends, as well as for the “oldschool” Runescape.

Now the Brit with gaelic roots and the very deep voice is closing that chapter of his life and starting as a full-time streamer. First and foremost it will be all about the card games, such as Gwent and Hearthstone, but don’t be shocked to see other games pop up on his stream every once in awhile.

“Gwent as a game has been on our radar in the recent past, but it wasn’t just the game that convinced us. In talks with Connagh we met a smart person with a vision for his future, an understanding of the environment. He had the drive, passion and work ethic that we are looking for in compLexity Gaming – he just was a great fit.”

– Sören “Fantasy” Vendsahm – compLexity Hearthstone Manager

So make sure to follow Merchant along on his journeys through video games on Twitch and Youtube. Also give him a warm welcome to the compLexity family on Twitter!