Stream Team Adds SirPumpkn

BY Andrew Miesner / October 25, 2017

Today the Complexity Stream Team is happy to announce another promising and fast-growing member for our Stream Team: Gabriel ‘SirPumpkn’ Winston. Transitioning to CCGs from a collegiate League of Legends player, SirPumpkn has had numerous run-ins with the various card games in the esports community. Ultimately his passion and skill landed him at the upper echelon of the Gwent scene, but before that he gathered experience in multiple other titles such as Hearthstone, Eternal, Faeria, Duelyst and Shadowverse. Locked in on Gwent now, with the occasional Fortnight break here and there, he’s become a fixture on Twitch for the Witcher Card game.

SirPumpkn will join the likes of superjj, Petrify and Merchant in the Complexity Gwent team, although his primary focus will be on streaming the game to his fans. As Complexity continues to bolster its efforts in the fast-growing card game of The Witcher’s universe, we diversify our portfolio to not only offer our fans the best in the game, but also the most entertaining personalities. Gabriel checks off both of those categories, which makes him a perfect fit for the Complexity Familia!

Join us in welcoming Gabriel to the family. You can check out his stream Mondays through Saturdays from 4 PM EST until Midnight on and keep up with him on Twitter over at!