Stream Team Welcomes carnage & AskJoshy

BY Andrew Miesner / October 22, 2016

As the competitive Overwatch scene continues to expand, we at compLexity are happy to do our part in supporting not only the competitive teams, but also the growing community’s casters and streamers. We’re therefore excited to announce the return of two coL alumni to our Stream Team: Daniel “carnage” Sturdivant and Josh “AskJoshy” Sutherland.

A member of compLexity Team Fortress 2 in 2011, carnage has played FPS games competitively for over 20 years, and has recently begun making a name for himself amongst the Overwatch Streamers. With a history playing Doom, Quake, Halo, World of Warcraft, and Bloodline Champions, we hope you’ll enjoy his high-level play as much as we do.

AskJoshy began his career in 2010 attending MLG events across America, and joined the compLexity family in 2011 as our exclusive Live Caster and Media Personality for our Starcraft 2 competitors. In the five years since then he has worked at IGN, Blizzard, and as a freelance caster for dozens of premier tournaments.

“It is my great pleasure and pride to be able to join the compLexity Gaming ranks as a content creator. It’s been 5 years since I last wore red, white, and black as a StarCraft 2 caster and interviewer for compLexity. A lot has changed since then in both my life and Esports in general, but apparently a lot has stayed the same. I am still trying to carve my niche and establish myself as a commentator and entertainer, and compLexity Gaming is still one of the most well-established, well-respected, and most importantly, hyper-competitive organizations in the industry. I want to thank both Jason Lake and Jason Bass for supporting me both in 2010 when we first started working together, and now. In the years in-between, I furthered my esports career working at both IGN Pro League and Blizzard’s Esports Department, mostly focusing on live events like Fireside Gatherings and BlizzCon. “The Jasons” would sometimes ask for my thoughts when it came to StarCraft, Heroes, ShootMania, and now of course Overwatch, and I’m glad that they still value my opinions and ideas. As of today, I’ll be a part of the compLexity Gaming stream team, creating nightly Twitch and YouTube content for Overwatch including commentaries, interviews, and tutorials. In 2016, I have already streamed over 1,000 hours of gameplay on my own channel and commentated over 25 different tournaments including Agents Rising, Beyond the Summit Cup, and the $300,000 Overwatch Open produced by FACEIT and ELEAGUE. I currently stream at 7 p.m. Pacific each weekday night, so I hope to see some new faces there in the coming weeks!”

– AskJoshy, on rejoining compLexity.

You can find Carnage’s stream at, stream highlights at, and can follow him on twitter @carnmode. If you want to tune in to AskJoshy’s stream, head over to He can also be found on Youtube at, and on twitter @AskJoshy.