Street Fighter 4 Delayed in Australia?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 21, 2009

A game distribution company in Australia known as RedAnt has been the distributer of games from companies such as Capcom, Midway, Konami, Bethesda and 505 Games. Recently the company went belly up and was placed in the hands of administrators of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. With this development, it could mean a delay for upcoming titles such as Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5, which are scheduled to be released February 20 and March 13 respectively.

Konami just recently switched to RedAnt back in October after it’s old distributor, Atari Austrailia, partnered with Namco Bandai. The same goes for SF4 developer Capcom, which developed the partnership last year as well.

There is probably too much product being developed for the market, so supply and demand will quickly sort this out. Coupled with the excess inventory of 2008, there will be some good deals for consumers early in 2009. Price pressures will be prevalent, but depending what the AUD (Australian dollar) does in 2009 will determine where pricing ends up. – Julian White, Managing Director

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