sunman Interviewed by WinOut

BY Andrew Miesner / March 10, 2009

Recently WinOut got a chance to talk to sunman for an interview about his new team, recent results, and what the future holds for coL.cs. He also talks about his teammates and the complicated path to success. Below is a snippet from the interview

Looking at coL’s lineup on paper one would expect your team to steamroll through CEVO-M, yet along with 2 losses you’ve had a handful of games where you’ve showed difficulty closing teams out or took a victory but with a couple of questionable rounds which could have gone either way.  How do you assess the team’s difficulties adapting to CEVO-M and what reasons would you give for your performance so far?

Justin “sunman” Summy:  It’s not adapting to the league so much as adapting back to the game.  I mean, before we left we were all at our peak online.  Our goal as a team at that point was to get better on LAN and beat international teams.  I think we may just be “struggling” as many people see it online, because we are really working on what we know we have to do to win LANS.  That requires using 60/75hz LCDs 24/7 since we switched back from CS:Source, and on top of that relearn some fundamentals of 1.6 we have all forgotten due to the two year period we were in CS:S/CGS.  It’s no excuse trust me, it’s simply the honest struggle all of us are facing and trust me we are doing our best to get in top form once again.  Most the teams we are facing are playing “coL”, but really we are a new team relearning the game everyone is watching us play online and expecting us to be the best right away.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.