Super Battle Opera Qualifer – Los Angeles

BY Andrew Miesner / July 16, 2011

Update: The team of Mike Ross and FilipinoChamp successfully managed to take 2nd place at the SBO Qualifier in Los Angeles, California today, coming from the lower bracket.

1st – BROKENTIER.Latif (C.Viper) and MrSNK (Honda)
2nd – Mike Ross (Honda) and Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
3rd – Hungbee (T.Hawk) and Combojack (Fei Long)

Starting today, Mike Ross and FilipinoChamp from coL.CC are in Los Angeles, California for the Super Battle Opera qualifer #2. The qualifer is taking place at the Round 1 Bowling & Amusement Center in City of Industry.

The players will be competing in Super Street Fiver IV: Arcade Edition 2v2 “waseda” style tournament against 32 other teams. The teams will be competing for a trip to Japan, with 50% of their airfare expenses covered.

A tour of the venue can be found below:



You can watch the event live via the stream below: