Super Bowl Contest 2011 – Winners Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2011


Congratulations to the following users who made the correct prediction of “Packers by 6” for Super Bowl XLV. We had 3 winners, with each receiving a prize. The placing was determined by random selection.

1st – Scriptix (Creative WoW Headset)
2nd – chesshaha (QPAD CompLexity Pad)
3rd – tonynot (QPAD CompLexity Pad)

Congratulations once again to the winners. A PM has been sent and will require a response to receive your prize.

Super Bowl Contest 2011

The Syndicate is pleased to announce our 8th Annual Super Bowl Contest!  No organization in eSports has run more contests and over the years this has always been a fan favorite.  This year’s event is sponsored by both Creative and QPAD.

For Super Bowl XLV the Pittsburg Steelers are taking on the Green Bay Packers.  Pittsburg won the Super Bowl only 3 years ago, while Green Bay hasn’t won the league title in close to two decades.  Who will win?  It’s easy to enter, so share your thoughts.

How to enter

1) Predict the winner and the spread (example: Packers by 7 or Steelers by 3)
2) Enter before kick off of the big game!


1st – Creative WoW Headset
2nd/3rd – QPAD CompLexity Pad


(One entry per registered user. The prizes will be given at random to users who make a correct prediction. If there are no correct predictors there will be no winners. Any predictions made after kick off of the game are void.  Any edited predictions will be void.  All decisions and selections by compLexity Staff are final.  Void where prohibited and when your mom says no.)

Be sure to idle #compLexity on the big night and cheer for your favorite team.  Thanks to Creative and QPAD for sponsoring another coL Community event!

Good luck to all entrants!