superjj crowned XFINITY Invitational Champion

BY Andrew Miesner / June 6, 2016

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

The success continues for compLexity’s Hearthstone squad. While two other members, Crane and Loyan, embark on a journey to California later this week to compete for the European Spring Championships and a coveted ticket to BlizzCon, their teammate Jan “superjj” Janßen added yet another title to his already impressive resume.

After his breakout performance a few months ago at SeatStory Cup 4, where he showcased his adaptability to new cards and circumstances with his Reno Freeze Mage, the German player has been on a consistent roll. Deep runs in big tournaments like DreamHack Austin, Insomnia 56 and 57, as well as solid placements in tournaments like the Cursed Trial event, Pax East Major, and representing Europe abroad against China, have cemented superjj’s name amongst the greatest of Hearthstone.

This weekend he added another accolade to his growing credentials by defeating the absolute elite to claim the XFINITY Invitational Season 2 Championship. The event was set up in two brackets to promote the Warcraft movie hitting theaters, as European players played in the Horde bracket, while the North American cardslingers filled the role of Alliance. JJ emerged as the leader of the Horde with closely contested and tight wins over ThijsNL, his practice partner StanCifka, and Na’Vi player XiXo. All those matches ended 3-2 in favor of superjj, making the hearts of his fans race with every draw and move. Against Thijs and XiXo he faced elimination matches early, being down 0-2 and 1-2 respectively. In the end he fought through and found the clutch victories he needed, making it out of the EU bracket to face the North American Champion of the Alliance.

It was the young superstar of Team Archon, the NA Winter Champion Amnesiac, who defeated just moments before DreamHack Austin Champion Chakki, for the right to fight superjj . Sadly for the youngster, the draws and matchups were not on his side, and superjj decisively swept the Alliance Champion off the board. Amnesiac’s Control Warrior couldn’t get anything going as RenoLock, Leeroy and Conceal, and Doomhammer went to work on Grommash. Fittingly, it all ended with superjj and the Shaman hero Thrall delivering the final blow to Amnesiac’s hopes with his trusted Doomhammer, the same character and weapon of the promoted movie showing on silver screens around the globe.

Besides JJ putting another title under his belt and winning $6,000 USD, he is also reclaiming the #1 spot in the world according to GosuGamers ranking system. During the time of DreamHack Austin, JJ was briefly at the #1 position already. Now with DreamHack Summer on the horizon, the confident German is looking to solidify himself as the most consistent player in the entire scene.