SuperJJ to Bucharest

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2016

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

The year started slow, but now the Hearthstone calendar heats up for the first time. The Winter Season is upon us, the first ever event of the new Hearthstone Championship Tour. Among the first players to test out the new format during the Winter Preliminary stage is compLexity Gaming’s own superjj, who gathered enough points to be eligible among the Top 128 players from the European region.

After that extended ladder effort the cardslinger is now boarding a plane and taking his talents to Bucharest in Romania, in order to join the competition. Unique to this one is that the tournament will not only be held locally in Bucharest, but LAN events in chosen places all across Europe will host some of the best players specifically for this event. JJ has chosen to go the extra mile to Bucharest, competing from the Nexus Gamers Pub.

Now it’s crunch time for the compLexity Gaming star, trying to edge out the competition for a coveted spot in the European Winter Championships. Only a total of eight contestants makes the cut for that event, not an easy task considering the competition includes the likes of World Champion Ostkaka, World Championship second runner-up ThijsNL, as well as top tier players like Rdu, SjoW, XiXo, Crane, Neirea, Hoej, Pavel, GreenSheep, Gaara and many more. The German player will have his work cut out for him as he hopes to continue the positive streak of the recent months. Can the #2 player in the world according to the GosuGamers string together enough victories to make it to the Top 8?

This Saturday and Sunday will have all the answers as the Hearthstone Championship Tour finally kicks off with its first major event. A dedicated stream for the event will be available starting Saturday 2 PM CET / 8 AM EST over at Over there official Blizzard caster and compLexity member Sottle will guide you through the event, among others! Make sure to witness history as a new chapter in Hearthstone’s World Championship legacy is written.