Superstar Inferno Online 2003 Team Formed

BY Andrew Miesner / January 8, 2009

The Inferno Online Finals are set to take place on January 10th and 11th, and with that comes a rather shocking announcement. People have been wondering what the missing/unannounced team would be, and it has been revealed.

Coming together for what seems to be this one tournament are none other than Michael ‘ahl’ Korduner, Christer ‘fisker’ Eriksson, Jørgen ‘XeqtR’ Johannessen, Johan ‘vesslan’ Ryman, and Miguel ‘quick’ Bonett. They will be playing under the name Inferno Online 2003.

This is an amazing lineup that one can’t help but be excited to watch.

Michael ‘ahl’ Korduner
Christer ‘fisker’ Eriksson
Johan ‘vesslan’ Ryman
Miguel ‘quick’ Bonett
Jørgen ‘XeqtR’ Johannessen

Update: According to a Norweigen Esports website, Spawn will be taking the place of quick. This has yet to be confirmed and more information will be posted in the coming day.