Sway Gaming goes to Frag Dominant

BY Andrew Miesner / January 14, 2010


Frag Domiant is coming back from a silent streak by picking up a known Canadian team, Sway Gaming. This team has shown that they can win at a high caliber level. With the season already underway, Sway Gaming is ready to represent their new name, Frag Dominant, in ESEA-Main Season 5 (5-2) and CEVO-Placement Season 12.

This is the quote from earlier by Halston “Tekn1kal” Bellintani, which explains their goals for the 2010 year.


Our goals as a team in the near future is to continue to practice hard and finish off strong in ESEA, Win CEVO-placement and get ourselves a spot in CEVO-Pro.


Frag Dominant Counter-Strike Canadian Roster

Halston “Tekn1kal” Bellintani
Armeen “a2z” Toussi
Pedro “YaYooo” Morim
Alex “plexxico” Palmer
Andy “icy” Keefe

Watch out for this team as they expand to the top level of gaming in the near future.