Team EG.CoD4 No More

BY Andrew Miesner / January 23, 2009

Multiple reports have surfaced stating that Evil Genius’ Call of Duty 4 team has decided to step away from the game are confirmed today. Many feared that when they dropped out of CEVO right before the thrid season got under way, that it would ultimately lead to their departure from the game, and that day has come. “We finally decided to call it quits as the game was getting too repetitive for us and there were no major tournaments in the foreseeable future,” said Mark “wombat” Larsen. “It’s been a lot of fun playing with these guys over the past year or so and I’d hope to see us competing together in the near future.”

I think that, from our perspective, the team met and surpassed our expectations in 2008, Garfield said. They had some great placements, both international and domestic, and really gave the North American community a team to root for. This is a group of players who will be successful in any team-based first-person shooter they select to play, so don’t expect them to disappear from the spotlight.

Source: Gotfrag