Team Liquid SC2 Open #9

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2011

As of 8PM EST tonight, registration for the ninth TeamSpeak Team Liquid SC2 Open tournament will be allowed for all players.  This event is the second qualifier for the TSL3 tournament hosted by Team Liquid and will feature compLexity’s Stalife, FireZerg, Antimage, and Ryan.

The maps that will be played in this tournament are Shakuras Plateau, Metalopolis, Xel’Naga Caverns, Lost Temple, and Scrap Station. The tournament begins January 15, 2011 at 12pm EST and is limited only to players on the North American servers. The bracket size for the tournament is 2048 players, which is double the amount of players from the first qualifier. The winner of the tournament will receive immediate qualification for TSL3 and a $100 cash prize.


1st:    $100 + Qualify for TSL3
2nd:    $50 + 100 TSL3 qualifier points
3rd-4th:  $25 + 51 TSL3 qualifier points
5th-8th:  26 TSL3 qualifier points
9th-16th: 14 TSL3 qualifier points

For more information on the event, or is you wish to sign up, click here.