Texas Creates Video Game Day

BY Andrew Miesner / February 4, 2009

Texas, the state which brought us the CPL, Lethal Gamers and MNM, has always been good to eSports.  Some of the most famous moments in professional gaming history have taken place in the Lone Star state and it has also produced some of the best American gamers.

Now the state has taken its support of gaming to the next level.  February 3rd is officially Entertainment Software Day.  Texas has its own video game day!  According to Kotaku,

The State of Texas has dubbed the day to recognize the impact of video games on the Texas economy. This is the first time the gaming has been recognized like this. During 2006, the Texas game industry grew 16 percent and contributed US$395 million to the state’s economy.

Texas has been ambitious in attracting the game industry and a 2007 bill was passed by the state’s government to provide tax rebates to video game companies.

According to the Entertainment Software Association’s Michael D Gallagher, “These lawmakers are helping grow our industry as we work to create new jobs for Texans; boost the state’s economy; and help discover new ways computer and videogames can improve the ways Americans live, work and play.”


 Source: Kotaku