TF2 Announce Changes

BY Andrew Miesner / August 19, 2010

Today The Syndicate is pleased to announce some changes in our famous Team Fortress 2 lineup.  The squad, lead by Daniel “Carnage” Sturdivant, has enjoyed an impressive run over the past year including championships in ESEA, CEVO and Alienware Arena.  However, as time moves forward life circumstances and team dynamics change.  Thus, today we sadly announce that we are parting ways with the following three players.  We’d like to thank them for an incredible run which was highlighted by their hard work, dedication and loyalty.  

Brad “Pure” Ross
Manny “Solid Snake” Sy
Michael “Jaeger” Marcin

To fill their big shoes we have added the following new players to the compLexity family.  We’re confident that they possess the hunger, desire and dedication needed to keep coL.TF2 at the top of the global competitive scene:

Nick “The Fragile” Leon – Nick is one of the best medics in the game and was a former member of our championship TF2 Squad

Tyler “TLR” Morgan – TLR showed his prowess as a soldier at this seasons ESEA finals. He will be replacing Jaeger, who is retiring, as a strong addition to our soldier combo along side Relic.

Justin “Justin” White – With Carnage moving to Demo man, the syndicate needed to find a scout that could pair with engima to be the backbone of our team. We are very confident Justin has the skills and attitude necessary to allow Complexity to continue to have the best scout duo in TF2.

Please welcome the new guys to compLexity and wish the best to the ones who are leaving.  Thanks as always for your support.  Stay tuned for lots of exciting TF2 action coming your way!