TF2: CEVO-P Playoffs Round 4

BY Andrew Miesner / April 1, 2009

CEVO-P Playoffs Round 4 will only have one match tonight. Team Dynamic is set to take on team Dignitas in the lower bracket elimination. The winner of that match goes against the number one team in season 3, team Pandemic in round 5.

Team Dynamic started season 3 with a good start. From round 1-week 1 to round 3-week 2 Team Dynamic had three wins and only one loss. After round 3-week 1 things started to go down hill for the team. Team Dynamic almost lost seven matches in a row with the exception of winning one match against paraGon Gaming 2-0. From round 3-week 2 to round 6-week 2 the team had some difficult times. When round 7-week 1 came along, Team Dynamic started to change. Dynamic picked up their first win against Team3 5-0 after three bad games in the past against compLexity, iDemise and Rufio’s Lost Boys. The team received their first forfeit win in the season against Sure Shot. Between round 7-week 1 and OOW (Out of Week) match, Team Dynamic picked up three more wins and only lost one match. Dynamic is doing well in the CEVO-P Playoffs. In round 1, Dynamic lost to compLexity 4-5. Round 2, the team picked up their first playoffs win against Sway Gaming 2-0. Team Dynamic recieved a forfeit win from iDemise in round 3. Team Dynamic has a record of 8-9-0 in CEVO-P Season 3 and they are currently ranked at #4. Good luck in your match!

Team Dignitas had some up’s and down’s during the beginning of the season. From round 1-week 1 to round 2-week 2 Dignitas only won one out of four matches. Surprisingly, Diginitas came back into the season winning four matches either going 5-0 or 5-2. Team Dignitas stomped on Team3, Sure Shot, Team Dynamic and Rufio’s Lost Boys. In round 5-week 1 Dignitas went toe to toe against iDemise and lost 2-0. From round 5-week 2 to round 7-week 1 Dignitas gave a forfeit win to paraGon Gaming and a win/loss from two unkown teams. Round 7-week 2 to OOW (Out of Week) match Dignitas picked up two forfeit wins and two losses. As of right now Team Dignitas is also doing well right now in the CEVO-P Playoffs. In round 1, Dignitas won against Sway Gaming 5-2 but lost to compLexity in round 2 as the score was 1-2. This past Monday, Dignitas rolled Frag`Dominant 5-0 in round 3. Dignitas has a record of 7-9-0 in CEVO-P Season 3 and they are currently ranked at #7. Good luck in your match match!

Tonight is round 4 and these two teams will take it all out on each other from demo spamming, rocket jumping, scout rushing, uber rushing, scratching and all the other crazy things. The last time these two teams went against each other was back in round 4-week 2 where Dignitas won 5-2 on cp_granary. Every control point in this match that is taken over is critical and so is team work. This match will be breath taking. Stay locked in to the site for all your gaming coverage needs. Enjoy tonight’s match guys! Good luck to both teams!

CEVO-P Brackets: CEVO Team Fortress 2 Season 3 Double Elimination

Note: Team Dynamic has won one out of three matches on cp_granary. Team Dignitas has won two out of three matches on cp_granary.

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