TF2 Development Team Updates Game

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2009

Just recently released were the updates to the ever-popular Team Fortress 2 game. The updates include damage range reduction, increase the maximum rockets for soldier, custom crosshairs and more.

You can get a full list of the updates here:


New client features:
  * Added Viewmodel FOV slider to advanced multiplayer options
  * Added a hide viewmodel option to advanced multiplayer options
  * Added custom crosshair support
  – Added crosshair image, scale, and color settings to the Options->Multiplayer settings tab
  – Moved HUD minimal mode & Disable Spray options into the Advanced Multiplayer settings
  * Added “open_charinfo_direct” command that opens the loadout directly to the class you’re currently   playing
  – Replaced the “Open Loadout” entry in the options->keys dialog with this new command. Rebind / reset   your config to defaults to use it

New server features
  * Added “tf_damage_disablespread” convar to disable the 25% damage spread on all damage
  * Added class limit support to tournament mode
  – Set the “tf_tournament_classlimit_X” convars to the max number of class X allowed
  * Added “tf_tournament_hide_domination_icons” convar, that allows a tournament mode server to force   clients not to display domination icons over their nemeses
  Gameplay changes
  * Modified critical hit calculation. Overall, critical hit chance is now much more recent-performance   based:
  – Base chance is now 2% (was 5%).
  – Bonus range based on damage done changed from 0%-15% to 0%-10
  – Damage range required for bonus changed from 0-1600 to 0-800
  * Reduced random damage spread applied to all player damage from +-25% to +-10%
  * Slight reduction (improvement) of the minigun’s spread
  * Increased flare direct hit damage from 20 to 30
  * Rewrote Natascha’s slowdown code to be more consistent
  * Sniper rifle now supports Crit Boost state like all other weapons (i.e. Kritzkrieg makes all shots   critical hits)
  * Stealthed spies are no longer able to pickup the intelligence. They must uncloak first
  * Increased soldier primary ammo count from 16 to 20

  * Fixed crash when running in tools mode
  * Added UTIL_IsCommandIssuedByServerAdmin() checks to several “physics_” CON_COMMAND scripts to prevent clients issuing the commands
* Fixed bug in teleporter logic that allowed engineers to build teleporters with HUGE health values
  * Fixed matching teleporter not getting a health buff when the pair is upgraded (only the tele you were hitting got the health buff)
  * Fixed Medic UberCharge percentage in minimal-HUD mode